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Quiet Girl Comedy presents....

Heather E. Schwartz

​Heather loves to laugh, sing, and play pretend - so she was very happy to discover improv! She has trained with The Mopco Improv Theatre, where she performs with house team Down the Rabbit Hole. She has also taken classes with Second City, Improv Boston, and Happier Valley Comedy and jumped on stage at The Magnet Theatre and Denver Improv. 

In her off-stage life, Heather writes big-brand children’s books for Disney, Scholastic, Sesame Street, Time for Kids, Mayo Clinic Press Kids, and the Smithsonian, among others. Through her book producing company Connections for Kids, LLC, she collaborates with publishers, packagers, and producers, and also visits schools (which, come to think of it, sometimes puts her on a stage).

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Do you wish you had the guts to bring your written work to a live storytelling event?​ Have you always wanted to perform your poetry or music at an open mic? Don't let stage fright force you into hiding. Let's work through it, so you can share your gifts!

As a lifelong introvert, I know what it's like to both crave and fear the spotlight. That's why I've designed a workshop filled with low-risk, fun activities like writing exercises, performance games, and group discussions. Your journey to center stage starts here!  


Is this workshop really for true beginners?

Yes! And also no! It's a friendly space for people who've never performed on stage in their lives. But it's also helpful for experienced performers working through issues with stage fright.

Are you going to make me do weird, uncomfortable things in front of everybody?

I'm not here to make anyone do anything! While I aim to keep it light, silly, safe, and fun, you're free to sit out any activity you don't want to do. That said, you'll get more out of this if you're willing to stretch yourself and take teeny tiny baby steps out your comfort zone.

Where and when is your next workshop?

Excellent question! If you're interested, contact me below!


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The Mopco Improv Theatre


Saturday, January 7, 2023

Character class showcase

Friday, January 13, 2023

The Water is Fine

"An improviser should always work to make their partner look good. Heather always does, and she looks good herself. She’s funny, she’s smart, and she can sing. It’s a pleasure to be with her on stage."  - Michael Burns, Artistic Director, The Mopco Improv Theatre

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