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Aspiring star "totally fine" upon learning her entire E! interview was cut

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Last winter, author and aspiring superstar Heather E. Schwartz was stoked when E! Entertainment True Hollywood Story reached out to her, requesting an on-camera interview. They asked her. They even sent a cameraman to her house like she was some kind of celebrity or something, which really got her hopes up.

"Well, they were doing a segment about Beyonce, and I wrote a book about her, so they wanted me on as an expert," Heather said, recalling that blissful day they sent her an email, back when she had no idea how it would all turn out. "I was so excited! I was in such suspense waiting to see the episode."

When it finally aired, Heather watched the Beyonce segment with rapt attention, dismayed to see the minutes tick by as the camera switched from one expert source to the next - but never to her. By the end, she had to accept the truth; her entire interview had wound up on the cutting room floor, a pretty ironic development considering they came to her, but whatever.

"It's totally, totally, totally fine," she lied, wishing a reporter would just go away and forgetting to say the important stuff, about how the segment turned out great and it was a fantastic learning experience. "I said, 'totally,' right? I honestly can't say it enough. Totally fine."

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