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Author regrets not bringing computer cord up from the basement

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Heather E. Schwartz sat down to write a quick blog post this evening and was both shocked and saddened to see that her laptop was down to 6 percent battery power.

“Oh, man, I only have five minutes before the oven timer goes off,” complained the author, lamenting her decision to declare only a moment earlier, “Five minutes till you have to get ready for bed!” a statement she would have to enforce.

“What? What is it?” her son asked frantically, racing to her side from the other room and needing answers, now, in a transparent move to extend before-bed-time.

Checking her battery power one more time, Heather saw it was already down to 4 percent. She closed her laptop and provided the unnecessary—and ultimately unsatisfying—information.

The needed plug, uselessly plugged into the wall and attached at the other end to absolutely nothing.

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