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Beloved children's book author pens humor guide

Updated: May 4

Heather E. Schwartz is a household name when it comes to classic children's books. Now, she's breaking out as a comedy writer for a whole new audience, with a book targeted to adult readers in need of guidance in the grown-up world.

"Um, I don't know if I'd put it that way exactly," Schwartz mumbled, not wanting to offend a reporter willing to give her space in a publication with worldwide circulation. "I'm not trying to be a guru or anything. When I wrote it, I was just goofing around."

"How to Be Ridiculous: 28 Tips to a Brand-New You" teaches readers how to live lightly, seek humor in all situations, and create it when there's none to be found. An expert in her subject, Schwartz provides tools readers can easily apply in their own daily lives. Her instruction is designed to entertain, enlighten, and ease stress all at once.

"Yeah, again, this really isn't about teaching? I wouldn't necessarily call it a guide?" Schwartz reiterated, employing upspeak to downplay her strong feelings while still getting the point across. "It's just supposed to be a funny book. Can't you tell from the cover?"

Advance electronic copies will be available to the media. Please contact Cheryl Millicent at

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