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Comedian sort of regrets adding website to email signature

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

How does one market a new venture without social media? It's the kind of question a person might ask if she's in the mood to ditch digital reality once and for all, fed up with triggering political posts and all the misinformation that doesn't seem to be a problem for certain social media giants who do nothing to police them (you know who you are).

It's a question Heather Schwartz asked herself recently.

"So, you know, I Googled it, just like I Google everything," Heather said. "I've even Googled stuff like, 'Will I be famous?' and 'Am I lying to myself about how young I think I look?' Google knows."

Among solutions to marketing sans social media, Heather found one tip that seemed super-easy to implement: Add your website to your email signature. So she did it. Not long after, however, she found herself writing an intensely serious email. Feeling particularly proud of her way with words, she clicked on the sent version to reread it one last time before moving on to other, more boring tasks.

"The message itself said everything I wanted to say. I could just imagine the recipient reading it and immediately agreeing with my persuasive words and tone," Heather recalled. "But then at the bottom, under my name, I saw that automatic signature:"

Suddenly, the entire message seemed to read as satire. Heather had to wonder: Can a comedian ever be taken seriously, especially when prone to particular gaffs like this one? Was it really a gaff if it gained her one or two more subscribers? And what does a "ducks crossing" sign have to do with any of this?

There was only one possible way to know, and at press time, she was Googling the questions.

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