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Area "It Woman" takes in son's comment about her clothing

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

While shopping at a Gap store with her teenage son recently, Heather was surprised and confused when he asked her whether she can fit "any" clothing.

"I'm not sure what you mean," she answered, distracted by the cool tie-dye sweatshirt she was checking out.

When her son noted the sweatshirt in question was in the teen section - while she was at that very moment wearing men's jeans - Heather paused mid-size-check to wonder whether her body was completely out of proportion and she'd somehow never noticed before.

"This is really a statement about the inconsistency in sizing across age and gender lines, not to mention the entire clothing manufacturing industry. Do you know there's an actual measurement called the 'Standard Woman?' At least I read that somewhere... How wrong is that?" she said rhetorically, still focused on the sweatshirt, which really was super awesome.

Holding it up in the mirror, she decided to make the purchase.


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