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Improviser dedicates Friday show to new subscribers

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

The Capital Region's best-known Heather E. Schwartz has announced her first live performance at The Mopco Improv Theatre since 2020 will be dedicated to the latest slew of family and friends who've subscribed to her blog. She seriously couldn't be more grateful.

"It's been a rough year, you know," she said, overstating the obvious to such a degree it's difficult to describe. She continued incongruently, "Spend 18 months isolated in your house and you start to wonder if you even exist anymore, let alone have any kind of social circle."

Heather has promised her performance with improv troupe Down the Rabbit Hole will be flawless on Friday, a lofty and irrelevant goal in an art-form based on spontaneity and one that could literally crush the comedy (and not in a good way).

"My troupe-mates are so incredibly funny and talented," she said, offering hope that her own anticipated failings on stage will be overshadowed by the other players. "This show is not to be missed!"

Down the Rabbit Hole is performing Friday, August 13, at 8 pm, with special guests Nightlight Zone. Tickets may be purchased online at The Mopco Improv Theatre. Masks are required and vaccination status will be checked at the door. (Not all vaccinations. Just the COVID-19 one.)

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