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Improviser posts video of live show without previewing it first

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Confident in the knowledge that impov is a fleeting art form that disappears into the vapor the moment it's created, Heather Schwartz shared a video recording of her most recent live show at The Mopco Improv Theatre, without having a look at it for herself first.

"What could go wrong?" she asked, rhetorically, repeating the cry of improvisers everywhere, who willingly jump on stage and risk total humiliation before an audience.

Realizing as she posed the question that this was an entirely different situation - improv on video is actually preserved for all eternity for anyone to see - she cringed inwardly, but bravely stuck to the improvisers' creed.

"Have I perhaps foolishly shared this video?" she wondered aloud. "Yes, and... I can remember a lot of great moments my troupe mates and our guest players created. Yeah. I'm good with it."

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