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Author realizes it's her job to actually tell bookstore owners and managers that she exists

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Did local author Heather E. Schwartz feel slighted upon seeing that the "Local Authors" section of Barnes & Noble held not one of the more than 150 books she's written? Yes. Yes, she did. Did she jealously peruse the books deemed worthy of inclusion on the shelf, wondering why those particular authors were featured, but not her? Yes, again.

But then she realized it might just be a matter of telling bookstore owners and managers that she exists. "I suppose this means I'm famous, but not too famous," she said, quoting Jamie Lynn Spears, from a 2005 interview in Seventeen magazine. "Honestly, it's what I've always aspired to, so I guess that's OK."

At press time, Heather was Googling the phone number for Barnes & Noble.

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