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Self-Described “Ambitious” Author Deletes Email (Subject: Write Faster & Better!), Watches Netflix

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

When author Heather E. Schwartz took the easy road this morning, deciding to watch an episode from the second season of “Never Have I Ever” rather than work on some of her own creative projects, the results were predictable.

“I’ll never write anything as good as that,” she sighed dejectedly, as the end credits rolled. “And look at me. I’m still in my pajamas.”

Switching gears to work on an assigned article about “Black Widow,” however, she started getting excited despite herself. It wasn’t a path to fame and fortune. But there was something appealing about the work.

“Man, ‘Black Widow’ is, like, the best movie ever made!” Heather burst out enthusiastically, just warming up to her subject as her young son entered the room to interrupt with a question about a video game. She turned to answer him, knowing she’d never get back to her original thought.

“I don’t know, honey,” she responded, vaguely. “Video games aren’t my thing.”

Photo credit: Lara Solanski/Netflix

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