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Self-Tape Superstar Astonished to Realize She Wasn't Cast in Skincare Commercial

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Heather was determined to showcase her superior acting skills and prove she was the one and only choice when it came to "Daughter" in "Skincare Commercial." All she had to do was self-tape her audition.

"I'd Googled what you're supposed to do," she said, confidently. "I knew I needed to set up in spot with bright lighting and a neutral back wall and, you know, seem professional and junk."

Alas, that perfect combination of light, wall, and professional appearance ("and junk") were nowhere to be found within her home. Not only that, she ran into other challenges: She couldn't capture the "horizontal full body image" required without standing far away from her phone. Yet she had to be near the phone to start video recording and also for the "close-up image of face" that was similarly required.

No matter. This pro took control of a volatile situation and made it work.

"Yeah, I just figured, I can't do it their way, so I'll do whatever and just send it in," Heather said. "I mean, it worked for that girl who was cast in 'Girls' when she self-taped with pneumonia, right? Although, I think she might have had some connections or something..."

While Heather didn't land the commercial gig of her dreams, she hopes casting directors enjoyed viewing her hard work and perhaps passed it around the office to lower level employees as a shining example of self-tape magic.

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