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Who's the Star of the New Colonoscopy Commercial?

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

The scene opens on a friendly, approachable, mom-type, who can play 38-45 years old. Teleprompter experience a must. Local hires only, no travel stipend. She walks barefoot along a beach, casually telling viewers she had a colonoscopy recently and it was, for her, "the highlight of 2020." Of course, we all get the joke: 2020 wasn't a great year for anyone.

During typical commercial breaks, we'd leave the room to refill our popcorn bowls and go to the bathroom. But this ad is anything but ordinary. We can't look away. We follow this woman through several different scenes as she continues her story. Gazing at her reflection in a shimmering lake, she notes an attractive outward appearance no excuse for avoiding a colonoscopy. Climbing the side of a mountain, she describes the comfortable setting where her procedure took place. Running through a sunlit field of wildflowers, she encourages us to join her on this journey and get checked, too.

By the end of the new colonoscopy commercial, we're convinced. And we're also intrigued. Just who is the star of this ad? Is she a bright young newcomer? Or have we seen her before?

To be continued...

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