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Writer dreams up contest to promo book, forgets to include info in post

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

It was an awesome idea, and it seemed to spring from nowhere, an experience Heather E. Schwartz was comfortable with, since virtually all of her ideas came from the exact same place.

"Either that or ideas are just floating around in the shower," she said, staring off into space as if the answer lay somewhere beyond the upper limits of the sky.

With her new book, How to Be Ridiculous: 28 Tips for a Brand-New You, Schwartz is eager to share her thoughts with readers. And she's excited to spread the news about her contest.

"I think people will be into it," she said, continuing to gaze vacantly at nothing. Asked for details about the contest, she wandered away toward an unknown destination that quite possibly exists only in her mind.

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